Climate change is intensifying the negative impacts of previously accepted development practices, putting people and communities at risk. Landscape architects have the responsibility to address these challenges in practice, advocacy, education, and research. We need a new paradigm for building and enhancing communities that works in harmony with natural systems and considers the needs of all.

We invite proposals that highlight design and development processes that align with the functions of healthy ecosystems. We encourage proposals that share effective, resilient landscape planning, and projects that help communities prepare, adapt, and rebuild in response to a changing climate.

Topics within this track might focus on:

  • Sustainable SITES Initiative, landscape performance measures/metrics
  • Green stormwater infrastructure
  • Resilient design
  • Soils
  • Plant communities
  • Climate policy impacts on design and communities
  • Site adaptation for climate resilience
  • Biodiversity/habitat restoration
  • Regenerative food systems