2020 revealed with great clarity the pervasive inequities of our social, environmental, and economic systems, along with the need for new approaches to shaping communities through planning, urban design, and infrastructure. How are landscape architects leading the charge for more equitable, healthy, safe, and resilient investments? How do we secure a public realm that protects and celebrates uniqueness? What will the urban fabric of diverse, inclusive, resilient, and beautiful places look like? We invite proposals that explore strategies, policies, projects, and programs that respect ecological and cultural systems, promote economic development, embrace equity and environmental justice, and create more sustainable communities.

Topics within this track might focus on:

  • Resilient and equitable investments in the public realm
  • The racist legacy of planning, housing, urban development, and transportation
  • Community-based approaches to climate action
  • Regulatory and design solutions in response to COVID-19
  • Innovations in housing affordability, urban form, density, and mobility
  • Environmental and racial justice in infrastructure investment
  • Connecting communities with natural resources
  • Streets and public spaces as places of protest
  • Linking infrastructure and systems with people and place
  • Community engagement and public process