The pandemic has not only challenged business but also revealed new opportunities. Which tools, techniques, and systems have allowed your business to thrive? How have you nurtured existing relationships and built new ones? Share the lessons you’ve learned around maintaining office culture and quality control while working remotely—what new opportunities are you seeing for a post-pandemic practice?

Topics within this track might focus on:

  • The future of the flexible office
  • Utilizing consultants and/or experts for operations and business development
  • Small-business strategies for mentorship, career development, and just futures (specifically, anti-racist action plans, gender equity plans, white supremacy culture, and anti-racism policies)
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion in public and private practice
  • Ingenuity and new technologies in a post-pandemic practice
  • Transition and legacy planning for small business
  • Best practices for new start-ups from the perspective of existing businesses and new businesses
  • Emerging professional voices on leadership, mentorship, and entering the profession
  • Collaboration and communication techniques among colleagues, clients, and stakeholders
  • Forecasting opportunities for landscape architecture in a post-pandemic environment