ASLA is committed to advancing equity and inclusiveness in all aspects of landscape architecture, and raising the diversity of voices in our profession. As landscape architects strive to improve the livability and viability of communities through thoughtful design, we are grappling with both our evolving understanding of equity, and our preparedness to enact it. Through this track, we invite proposals that explore the challenges of embracing this ethos in practice, to promote just futures for all.

Topics within this track might focus on:

  • Intentionality in ADA and universal design
  • Design for accessibility as a social justice issue
  • Trends and methodologies in community-first design
  • Diversity and resilience—promoting environmental justice at different scales
  • Placing inclusivity at the intersection of public health, safety, and welfare
  • Cultural sensitivity, appropriateness, and appropriation
  • Designing for all ages: age disparity and inclusion
  • Socioeconomic impacts of environmental and land-use decisions
  • Bridging socio-cultural divides in engagement
  • The role of landscape architects in elevating social justice discourse