Material selection, specifications, and maintenance guidelines allow landscape architects to ensure that their designs are faithfully and successfully brought to life. How can landscape architects be empowered in the studio and on the construction site? How do client needs and wishes influence design choices and outcomes? We invite proposals that share tools and methods for communicating design intent through successful documentation, innovative strategies, and new technologies for the design, construction, and post-construction life of projects.

Topics within this track might focus on:

  • Design detail and material innovation
  • Technical documentation and specifications
  • Construction, constructability, and construction administration practices
  • Maintenance and operations
  • Standards, codes, and permitting process
  • Technology and software
  • Planting design and selection, soils, and irrigation
  • Sustainable products, materials, and carbon footprint
  • Monitoring long-term maintenance, management goals, and design intent
  • SITES® strategies and performance metrics