Landscape architecture projects may differ in scale and complexity, but they all begin with research and questions that evolve into a big idea. Creativity has no beginning or end—it is fed by the publics we serve and how we engage with them, by the sites themselves and their broader context, and by collaboration across disciplines. How do various creative methods translate visionary ideas into reality? How does the design process influence outcomes in our built environment? We invite proposals that share insights on how research methods, site documentation, engagement, ideation, experimentation, design decision-making, and design execution tell a story of creative discovery.

Topics within this track might focus on:

  • Creative ideation tools and methods
  • Transformative engagement tactics and community-driven design approaches
  • Gaps in creative practice between academia and practice
  • Power of storytelling and narratives that build agency and advocacy for design and design identity
  • Building consensus and making decisions with interdisciplinary and collaborative teams
  • Social and cultural landscapes, land acknowledgement, and indigenous ways of seeing
  • Accessibility, universal design, and equity
  • Research-based methodologies
  • Health, safety, and welfare
  • Partnership approaches, programming, and financial strategies