In 2008, ASLA introduced the Legacy Project as a gift to the host city of the annual conference. Each year, the host chapter teams up with the local affiliate of the ACE Mentor Program to recruit local area high school students for a landscape architecture design project. Work on this year’s project has already begun and will be completed and installed after the meeting. Many EXPO exhibitors donate products and plants each year for the project, allowing ASLA to give back to the city that hosts the meeting.

The 2022 ASLA Legacy Project is unique for four key reasons:

  • It positively impacts a neighborhood whose problems have often been neglected, San Francisco’s Tenderloin District.
  • The Tenderloin under-indexes on green space compared with the total city and this project improves significantly reduces this gap through a “slow street.”
  • In addition to having the participation of local area high school students, it also has participation of college students majoring in landscape architecture and related design and environmental fields from U.C. Davis, U.C. Berkeley, and San Francisco City College.
  • The project partnered with a Tenderloin-based non-profit organization, St. Anthony’s Foundation.