ASLA Learning Labs

Learn from the Best in the Business

These one-hour exhibitor-led learning labs on the EXPO floor tap into the knowledge of the people and companies that are transforming the future of our industry through emerging trends and techniques. Discover real world applications that will put your projects above the rest! Earn one professional development hour (PDH) for each session.

Saturday, November 16

9:45 am – 10:45 am

LL-001 – Fountain Craft Manufacturing: Fountains 101


This course will provide a foundation of water feature design and functionality to understand how to build a low maintenance fountain.

Presenter: Art Garman


12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

LL-002 – Scofield: Designing with Architectural Concrete


Looking to incorporate architectural concrete into your projects? Join Scofield to learn how to create, design, and specify projects using coloring, texturing, and resurfacing systems. We’ll review the advantages of using architectural concrete as compared to other types of building materials.

Presenter: Keith Boudart


Sunday, November 17

10:15 am – 11:15 am

LL-003 – ECOncrete: Bringing Concrete to Life – Applying Principles of Reconciliation Ecology in Urban Waterfronts


This presentation is an innovative approach, of planning and retrofitting coastal infrastructure using ecologically sensitive design and construction technologies that enhance their ability to provide valuable ecosystem services, while also elevating their structural integrity and longevity. In addition, we will present current approaches in sustainable management of urban marine structures, from diverse environments.

Presenters: Dr. Ido Sella, Co-founder /CTO of ECOncrete Tech LTD, and SeArc Ecological Marine Consulting at ECOncrete


11:30 am – 12:30 pm

LL-004 – NDS, Inc.: Residential Stormwater BMPs: Trends, Implementation, and Costs


Stormwater management at the residential-site scale is gaining significance at local and regional levels, reflected by expanding regulations, the increased footprint of stormwater utilities, and more frequent and intense rain events due to climate change. Learn about the influence of these current trends on the practice of landscape architecture and the implementation of residential stormwater best management practices. Understand opportunities for utility fee relief and project funding that incentivize reducing runoff and ultimately create a more resilient landscape.

Presenter: Michael Schreiber, RLA, ASLA


12:45 pm – 1:45 pm

LL-005 – Natural Stone Institute: Exploring Innovative Natural Stone Landscapes | Sustainable, Versatile, and Resilient


Discover award winning landscape projects that feature natural stone, showcasing its versatility, sustainability, and resilience. Review common and innovative natural stone applications within commercial and residential environments, including relevant standards and drawings, how it is specified and bid, and how to source the stone. Learn what metrics the industry uses to define sustainability and see how they compare with artificial building materials.

Presenter: Dacia Woodworth, Architect & Design Community Liaison, Special Projects Manager at Natural Stone Institute